About A Thousand Million Worlds

"Where do you begin telling someone their world is not the only one? " -Lee Maracle

A Thousand Million Worlds was shot in one afternoon from a balcony overlooking Liberdade Square in Porto, Portugal on the eve of Portuguese Independence Day.  

The series visualizes the idea that each human consciousness is a world unto itself.  By overexposing shots from the sunny square and then putting them in the uniform voice of cyanotype, the exterior world evaporates.  

What's revealed are dozens of individuals.  Living.  Walking.  Talking.  Taking photographs.  And proceeding forth with an entire life story that's accented by anxieties, ambitions, hopes, and despairs.  Each print is a snapshot in time and a reminder of the Buddhist perspective that the only thing we truly own is this moment of consciousness. 

Each print from the series is a unique edition and measures 24x18 inches.  Prints here are presented together as a single scroll to take advantage of the web format.

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