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Hey everyone, I am Julie Ambrose, founder of Hooked Home. I'm a home decor enthusiast with a passion for sharing about home decor, home improvement, DIY, and various other stuff. I love in interior designing, home decorations, living spaces, and home renovation advising. For any queries, feel free to drop me an email at julie@hookedhome.com
Banton Harbor Street Image

Why Is Benton Harbor So Dangerous? 7 Key Reasons

Benton Harbor is well-known as the marketing and trucking center for Michigan’s fruit belt. It is also a very popular tourist region.  As much as beautiful and charming Benton Harbor City is, it’s also...
mega blok building ideas

10 Best Mega Bloks Building Ideas You Must Try

Mega Bloks are one of the best toys for children. These blocks help improve their creativity and develop their problem-solving skills. Moreover, mega bloks also help improve their fine motor skills and create hand-eye...
How to remove soffit panels

How To Remove Soffit Panels? (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Soffit panels are used to keep the sun's heat from building up inside your attic. Even without proper ventilation, soffit panels help evenly distribute the airflow throughout the roof space and keep the humidity...
closet ideas simphome

10 Best Closet Ideas Simphome In 2024 (That’s Trending)

A closet is one of the most important and useful thing that keeps our clothes and accessories organized. Not just it is used to keep things organized, but also a good way to decorate...
storage ideas simphome

10 Best Storage Ideas Simphome For 2024

Simphome is well known for its creative ideas on how to enhance functionality and aesthetics of a home. From a list of their unique ideas, we are going to discuss storage ideas simphome that...
bedroom ideas simphome

13 Best Bedroom Ideas Simphome for 2024

Tired of plain and dull bedrooms? Want to try something new? Then we have brought you some of the best Simphome bedroom ideas that you can try. These bedroom ideas simphome are best for...
Granitium Nonstick Utensils

What Is Granitium Nonstick Coating? Is It Better Than Teflon?

Granitium non-stick coating is a high quality non-stick coating of Teflon which consists of suspended particles of aluminum oxide ceramic. Or, we can say that Granitium is a brand name of PTEE/Teflon. Since it is...
how big is 30x40 blanket

How Big Is a 30×40 blanket? Is It Good For Babies?

Don't know how big a 30x40 blanket is? If so, consider reading this post that gives you the blanket size chart and visual representation of 30x40 blanket. Moreover, we will also discuss different types...
bigger orbeez

5 Scientifically Proven Tricks To Make Orbeez Grow Faster & Bigger

Hey buddy, I am Julie and I'm grateful to see you here on my blog. In the previous post, I discussed how long does it take for orbeez to grow. Today, in this post, I...

How Long Do Orbeez Take to Grow? How To Speed Up The Process?

Orbeez or you can also call them water beads, that looks so soft, squishy, and so fun to play with. These orbeez are made out of gel that can absorb large amounts of water...