Thank you all for attending the event and supporting our efforts to tackle long-COVID. Hopefully all the stars align and we can see you all next year!


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In March 2020, researchers in Bristol spotted the opportunity to track our patients who tested positive for COVID-19 with mild to serious symptoms. They have found that 74% of patients who have taken part in our DISCOVER study reported ongoing symptoms related to COVID-19 including breathlessness, fatigue and muscle aches.

Emma Samms, aka Fallon Carrington Colby, has suffered from  Long-COVID since March 2020. Please watch this short video of when she visited Long-COVID researcher Dr David Arnold earlier this year: 

Currently very little is known about Long-COVID, worldwide, and its long-lasting symptoms. It’s imperative we act now.

Here in Bristol (UK), we are in a very unique position to make a significant international impact.  Led by North Bristol NHS Trust, we are working in partnership with University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, and the University of Bristol to carry out ground-breaking, global research.


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