What Is Granitium Nonstick Coating? Is It Better Than Teflon?

Granitium Nonstick Utensils

Granitium non-stick coating is a high quality non-stick coating of Teflon which consists of suspended particles of aluminum oxide ceramic. Or, we can say that Granitium is a brand name of PTEE/Teflon.

Since it is resistant to high temperatures and corrosion, this makes it a durable and ideal choice. That said, this coating is used in various applications, from your cooking ware to medical devices.

But, the major question is – are granitium nonstick coating safe? If YES, how safe are they? Moreover, are they better than TEFLON or is it just another name of it?

This post is going to discuss everything related to granitium coating on cooking utensils, there safety strength, durability, toxicity, etc.

Let’s dive deeper…

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What Is Granitium Nonstick Coating Made Of?

As we mentioned at the beginning of our post, Granitium is nothing but a coating of Teflon that contains PTEE(Polytetrafluoroethylene), however, it went through some scientific procedures to make it non-toxic.

Hence, the Granitium non-stick coating is different from the previous Teflon coating due to it’s lightweight and high heat resistance capacity.

Moreover, reason why Granitium coating is non toxic is because it doesn’t contain harmful chemicals like PFOS and PFOA(previously, this compound was used in the making of Teflon but it’s been discontinued since 2013).

Being free from these toxic chemicals, Granitium coating reduces health risks and makes it an ideal choice that people can trust and rely on.

Is Granitium Nonstick Coating Safe?

The main reason why people consider Teflon toxic is because it contains PFOA(Perfluorooctanoic Acid) in it. After health agencies raised concerns regarding this PFOA, it was discontinued in 2013.

Talking about granitium, it contains PTEE(Polytetrafluoroethylene) which is a non-toxic substance when used at low temperature. That means it’s completely nonreactive to human body warmth.

The melting point of PTEE is around 600F, which is very high and makes it a stable cookware material. However, if you keep using PTEE cookware at 400F, it starts emitting fumes which can be lethal to human lungs and even more deadly to birds. 

When the temperature reaches above 536F, things get worse, you may start having flu-like symptoms if you inhale those fumes. As the temperature increases, it takes a huge toll on the PTEE cookware, the pan might start to discolor and lose its finish, that’s a crystal clear sign that the cookware is no longer safe to use.

This cookware starts to get ruined as soon as it reaches 400F, so it’s better to avoid heating the cookware at a very high temperature.

There are lots of non-stick cookware brands that contain Granitium as a nonstick coating material, for example Henkels cookware is a nice choice. They use the same type of Granitium coating, the difference is that they use extremely pure aluminum and their non-stick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, PTFE, lead, and cadmium.

Advantages Of Granitium Non-Stick Coating

There are many advantages of Granitium non stick coating. Let’s start with its smooth finish that prevents food from sticking to the surface of the cookware. This coating creates a tough layer on the surface of the cookware, making it resistant to heat and doesn’t chip easily.

Since grease and oil never gets stuck to it’s pan, they are quite easy to wash and maintain. Moreover, due to presence of granite, it protects the surface from losing its color and fading. 

The Granitium coating is free of harmful chemicals like PFOA, PFAS, PTFE, lead, and cadmium. Although your cookware might contain PTEE but it’s fine since PTEE is not made through PFOA and considered safer to use.

Granitium coating contains layers of hard ceramic to create that texture on the surface of the cookware. This also protects the cookware’s surface from tearing or wearing out.

  • Granitium coating prevents food from sticking to the surface of the cookware.
  • Durable and resistant to scratches. 
  • Even heat distribution.
  • Completely harmless when used at low temperatures (200F or medium heat)
  • Granitium is lightweight and easy to use. 
  • A layer of hard ceramic protects the surface from wearing out or tearing out.
  • PFOA-free.

Disadvantages Of Granitium Non-Stick Coating 

The disadvantage of Granitium Non-Stick Coating is the use of PTEE in the coating. Although it’s not at all harmful unless you overheat it.

Granitium cookware is harmless but when you heat it over 400F, it starts to release harmful fumes which can easily damage human lungs. Even though the melting point of PTEE is 600F, it starts to break down at 390F, the obvious signs are the surface losing its shine and color.

Things start to get worse when the temperature rises above 536F, you start having flu-like symptoms. As the temperature increases, the cookware becomes unsafe to use.

  • Although they are durable, their non-stick coating gets ruined if not cared for properly. 
  • Overheating emits fumes that can be dangerous to humans and deadly to animals. 
  • Excessive heat can affect the Granitium coating, it begins to lose its shine and color.  
  • If you inhale the fumes, you can have flu-like symptoms.
  • When the cookware is used multiple times at 400F, the Granitium coating starts to break down and lose its stability.

Should You Use Granitium Non-Stick Pans?

When picking cookware for your home, it’s important to be aware of the risks that come with non-stick cookware. You can use Granitium non-stick pans as they are non-stick and work amazingly.

They are lightweight and easy to use. You can cook your food without worrying about it getting stuck to the pan’s surface. Just make sure to purchase from reputable and trustable brands, for example- Ja Henkels, Ballerina Parma, Caraway, Granite Rock, etc. 

Granitium coating is toxic-free since it is free from toxic chemicals like PFOS and PFOA, lead, and cadmium.

Granitium coating is made from a substance called PTEE or we can say Teflon. The only difference is that Granitium is the brand name of Teflon and it’s non toxic. But still, precautions are needed, since non-stick pans at some point become harmful. They need care and one should know how to use them properly.

The Granitium coating pans are safe to use at low temperatures below 300F. 

What you need to keep in mind is that Granitium coating which contains PTEE, has a melting point of 600F but it starts to break down at 390F.

You will notice the color of the pan fading and losing its shine, these are clear signs that the pan is not safe to use. Continuous use of a pan over high temperature can destroy the pan as well as may cause various health risks.

Granitium Non-Stick Coating Vs Teflon

There’s a lot of buzz in the world about which one is better- Granitium or Teflon.

Granitium is made from non-toxic chemicals whereas Teflon is made using toxic chemicals, one of those toxic chemicals is PFOA, its a harmful chemical that causes cancer. However, the use of this toxic chemical was discontinued in 2013. Now Teflon is PFOA-free too.

Granitium is scratch and heat-resistant, making it durable whereas Teflon makes the surface of the cookware smooth, making it perfect to cook food without having it stick on the surface. 

Granitium has a tough layer of ceramic on it, making it hard for the surface to chip or wear out. On the other hand, Teflon coating gets chipped easily. 

Your Granitium coating starts to fade after its multiple uses or when used over high heat but if cared for properly, it can last longer, whereas Teflon coating starts to wear out after a few months.

Is Ceramic Cookware Safer Than PTEE Cookware?

Ceramic cookware is safer than PTEE cookware as it doesn’t have toxic substances like PFOA, it’s made from sand which is natural.

Even though almost all cookwares are made PFOA-free in the US, still some companies use this substance and don’t mention it. 

The ceramic cookware coating is made from tiny mineral particles that prevent food from sticking to the surface of the cookware.

Ceramic coatings create a smooth and sleek look on the surface of the cookware, this is achieved after applying several layers of ceramic material on the surface of the cookware.

Ceramic cookware has great heat retention which is perfect when you are making sauce.

Aside from that, Ceramic cookware is a good choice, the downside is that it’s not durable and cracks easily, and that’s why, in comparison to other non-stick cookware, ceramic cookware is expensive.

Although ceramic cookware are safe as they are made from natural substances but its been found that manufacturers may use some harmful substances like cadmium, lead, arsenic, and titanium dioxide nano particles, in the coating. These substances are very harmful to humans. So its hard to say if these ceramic cookware are a safer choice or not unless you buy it from a legit place that makes real ceramic cookware by using natural substances.


Let’s summarise what we have learned so far. Granitium nonstick coating is nothing but a brand name of teflon but this teflon is non-toxic and safe for cooking purposes. Granitium is made from non-toxic materials.

Granitium non-stick cookware is amazing to use. Whether you have to cook pancakes or omelets, anything will prepared without having to worry about food getting stuck to the surface or cookware. Moreover, this coating distributes the heat evenly, it’s durable, and scratch-resistant. It does not have harmful compounds like PFOA so it’s safe to use. It also remains nonreactive so you don’t have to worry about the food losing its flavor when cooked in a non-stick pan.

There are many non-stick cookware but knowing how to take care of them extends their longevity and also reduces their health risks if you know how to use them properly. 

After what we have learned so far, Granitium cookware coating is safe and doesn’t cause health-related issues as long as you use it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Granitium toxic?

No, granitium is not toxic. Granitium is generally Teflon but a good and non-toxic version of it. It’s made from non-toxic materials so it’s safe to use in cookware. It’s safe as long as its used on medium heat temperature and cleaned with soft cloth. With proper care, granitium cookware are safe to use.

Is Henkels granitium coating safe?

Yes, Henkels granitium coating is safe. Since Henkels’s granitium coating is made from pure aluminum, making the non-stick coating long-lasting, durable, and non-toxic.

Is Granitium coating better than Teflon?

Granitium coating is better than teflon but heres the catch, Granitium and Teflon are same material. Granititum is the non-toxic version of the previously made Teflon. The manufacturing of granitium does not involve PFOA, which is a harmful chemical. That makes Granitium coating better and safer than TEFLON.

Are all non-stick pans free of PFOA?

After the health agencies raised concerns about the use of PFOA in the making of cookware, the use of PFOA was discontinued. So yes, all non-stick pans are free of PFOA in the US since 2013.

What is the best thing about the Granitium non-stick coated pan?

They are safe to use on cookware. They are durable, scratch-resistant, and tear-resistant. This coating consists of tiny granite particles that protect the surface and make the surface tough to chip off. They can withstand high heat of 300F but it is recommended to use them on medium flame. This keeps the coating safe and long-lasting. Wash it with a soft cloth or sponge.


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