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Hello and Welcome to Hooked Home! Your go-to destination for home decor ideas and inspirations!

At Hooked Home, we believe that our home is more than just a place for living, it’s more like a canvas that you fill with colors of happiness and comfort. It’s a place where you spend time and cherished memories with your loved ones.

Home decor is not just about aesthetics, it’s about creating an environment that nurtures and uplifts your soul. Thoughtfully designed space helps enhance the mood, boost productivity, and foster a sense of well-being. From a soothing color palette that helps you relax in your bedroom to a welcoming color palette that’s perfect for your living room.

Our passion is to help you transform your living space into a reflection of your unique personality and style. And, to to make this passion a real mission, we want all home decor experts and enthusiast to contribute an article.

Who can Write for Hooked Home?

Are you someone who’s passionate about home decor and also loves writing? If so, then our website is the perfect place for individuals like you.

At Hooked Home, we are always looking for those people who love writing, and sharing ideas, like to do DIY, and are enthusiastic about home decor.

Authors who have experience in writing under the “Home Decor” niche, know this field, or just someone who loves to transform living spaces into something interesting and fun, we welcome you to share your tips and tricks with others on our platform.

Join our community and use our platform to share ideas and inspire people.

Why You Should Write for Hooked Home?

By writing for Hooked Home, you gain access to lots of benefits such as:

Get More Visitors

By writing for Hooked Home, your work will be showcased to our growing community of home decor enthusiastic. Your contributions can drive more traffic to your own blog or website.

This will also expand your readership and influence in the home decor niche. You get to share your tips and tricks with a supportive community of readers who are always on the lookout for fresh, innovative ideas.

This will ensure that your articles receive the attention they deserve.

Helps You Improve SEO Ranking

There are lots of benefits to Write for us on home decor, you can significantly increase your website’s traffic and gain visibility to audiences that are interested in this niche.

Every article that you write will have link to your website, this will help you with SEO for both the page and the entire business, which is very helpful in improving your search engine rankings.

As the visibility of your material increases, your site will be able to get indexed much quicker.

Get Online Presence

By writing for Hooked Home, you can boost your online presence and also build your own personal brand. You will be able to attract the target audience that is looking for content in this niche.

You can establish yourself as the thought leader in the home decor community. Another benefit of write for us, is you will be able to increase your web search credibility for your web domain through backlinks.

Since Hooked Home gets lots of traffic, your name will be visible to many people, you will be able to get pitches from lots of businesses who are looking for a content writer like you. 

Increase Subscribers and Followers

These days its important to create an online presence and build your own dedicated comminity. By writing for our platform, you will able to attract the targeted audiences, fellow bloggers, and industry professionals, that are looking for content in home decor.

You can also include your social media usernames or add a link to your profile for the readers to gain followers and subscribers. It is a great way to increase your network and build some meaningful connections within the home decor industry.

Home Decor Guest Post Topic Ideas

Here’s a list of topics that you can use to get idea on what types of content we are looking for. There’s lot to write in home decor niche but for now you can try these selected topics to write on.

  • Small space organizing
  • Old style aesthetic ideas
  • Budget home ideas
  • Color scheme
  • Lighting
  • Outdoor living
  • Eco-friendly
  • Gardening
  • Home Improvement
  • Patio
  • Furniture
  • Real Estate

Moreover, you can also take inspiration from big giants in this industry, such as, goodhousekeeping, thespruce, hunker, realhomes, etc.

Write for Us Guidelines

To submit your content, please share your draft at hookedhome1001@gmail.com

A straightforward and easy-to-understand guidelines on what types of content is acceptable. Please make sure the submission adhere to these guidelines below:

Unique and relevant: We only accept original content that is not posted on other websites. Plagiarised content will not be accepted. Try to make it more personal by sharing your personal experiences and ideas. Make sure it revolves around home decor related topics. Keep it to the point and precise.

File Format: You can submit your article in the google docs and send it to our email address (email address). You are free to include a brief introduction of yourself along with the submitted article.

Word Count: The word count of your content should be 800 to 1500 words but we focus on quality rather than quantity. Our main goal is enlighten our readers, so make sure your the content is informative and helpful to our readers. 

Structure: Please make sure that your content has headings, subheading, along with some bullet points or numbered lists. This makes the content easy to understand and readable. Also proofread the content for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes.

Tone: We want the content to be informative yet engaging, so you can keep the tone personalised but make sure it’s revolving around main point of the topic. Readers like reading content that helps them with their doubts, keeps them engaged, and most importantly it’s easy to understand.

Links: If you are using information from some other website or video, then make sure to link it down in your article. It is important to include the links and references where its relevant. Pragiarised content is strictly prohibited.

Images: You can add relevant images to make the article more appealing and enhance reader’s experience. But remember to mention the source of the images used in the article. Use the images that you have the right to use in your article.

Final Note

If you are new to this industry or want to build a strong and supportive community, writing for Hooked home is a great opportunity for that. After we are done reviewing your article, and make sure it fits all our guidelines. It may take about three to four days for us to get back to you, you will be notified through email whether your content is approved or not.

We greatly appreciate your patience and efforts in contributing to your content for our website. We can’t wait to read your submission and share it with our readers. This is a great chance to enhance your online presence and expand your network.

We can’t wait to welcome you to our amazing community of writers! Good luck!

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