5 Scientifically Proven Tricks To Make Orbeez Grow Faster & Bigger

bigger orbeez

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In the previous post, I discussed how long does it take for orbeez to grow. Today, in this post, I am going to discuss some proven methods on how to make orbeez grow faster. Further, I’ll also discuss some other tips that will help you grow your orbeez bigger than the normal size.

I’ve been doing these orbeez experiments from a long time for my kids. My kids, usually play with orbeez. And, being a DIY lover, I was always happy to help my kids bring some bigger and larger orbeez.

I did hours of research, testings, and experiments to understand how orbeez grows and how to fast the growth rate. In this post, I’ll give you 8 tricks to make your orbeez faster. Not just the tricks, but also the scientific reasons behind these tricks.

How to make orbeez grow faster?

how to grow orbeez faster

There are so many methods you can use to make orbeez grow faster, however, using warm, low pH, and distilled water has been a proven method to grow orbeez faster and bigger. One of the major reason why does this happen is because of increase in osmosis process between the container and the orbeez.

Well, below I’ve discussed them in detailed, so keep on reading:

1: Using distilled warm water

Warm water increases the molecular activities due to which it increases the osmosis process from outside of orbeez to inside of orbeez. Due to this phenomenon, water beeds or orbeez, get hydrated faster than the normal speed.

comparison of orbeez growth in cold hot and normal water

The image above, depicts the difference between size of orbeez when they were put on normal, hot, and cold water. Hot water or warm water is a clear winner here.

The eason why warm water helps in making orbeez faster is because warm water helps polymer to expand, due to which it grows bigger than the normal size.

One additional thing you must do to get better results is using distilled water. The normal tap water contains minerals and salts that accumulates on the surface of the water beads, due to which it slow down the process. Distilled water is a clean water and doesn’t contain any minerals, due to which it fasten the process.

One more important thing you must take care is DO NOT BOIL THE WATER. You don’t have to boil the water, instead you just have to warm the water. Generally speaking, 110°F is the best warming temperature for orbeez to grow faster and bigger.

2: Place them in warm room

While, no doubt, using warm water is indeed a best trick to grow your orbeez faster, however, keeping your orbeez in a cold room or cold environment can counter the usefulness of warm water. Due to which, it may hinder the growth speed.

If you want your orbeez to grow faster and bigger, make sure you keep the container(filled with water beads) in a warm and humid temperature.

As discussed earlier, you don’t put them in a too warm environment, otherwise your orbeez may break in the mid way.

3: Keep away from sunlight

After reading the first 2 points, you may get smarter and plan to expose them in direct sunlight.


Just don’t do this.

Keeping your orbeez warm doesn’t mean you’ve to put them in sunlight or a microwave. This is gonna ruin the whole step.

Sunlight contains UV rays that can impact the growth rate of orbeez dramatically. So, I recommend you to keep them away from the direct sunlight.

4: Use low pH water

The pH level can directly impact the growth rate of orbeez.

pH, also called as power of hydrogen, tells how acidic or basic the water is. Higher pH value of water means higher basic, while lower pH value means acidic.

Tap water or filtered water have pH 7, which is known as neutral – neither acidic nor basic.

I tested the growth rate of orbeez in both the solutions, acidic as well as basic. And, I noted that the basic water was decreasing the growth rate of orbeez while acidic water was increasing the growth rate.

All I want inform is – lower pH water increases the growth rate of orbeez while higer pH decreases the growth rate of orbeez.

You can increase the pH by putting either vinegar or lemon in the water. Both of them would decrease the pH and helps the water beads to grow even faster.

But, do remember that using vinegar in water, will make the orbeez smell weird, something pungent smell. So, better use lemon instead of vinegar.

5: Add salt or sugar to the water

The growth of orbeez majorly depends on how fast the osmosis is happening between the water and the orbeez.

By increasing osmosis, you can increase the growth speed of orbeez.

Now, adding sugar or salt(any of them) can increase the concentration level of water due to which it will make your orbeez bigger.

An important thing to note here is, it won’t directly affect the growth speed of orbeez, however, it will make them bigger than the normal size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do orbeez grow faster in hot water?

Yes, orbeez grow faster in hot water due to increase in the molecular activity in polymers and water. However, make sure to do not hot your water beyond 110°F to get better results.

Does salt make orbeez grow faster?

Yes, adding a pinch of salt or sugar to the water can significantly make orbeez grow faster and bigger. However, make sure to do not put excess amount of salt or sugar in the water or else you’ll lose the actual shape and size of the orbeez.

How to make orbeez bigger with baking soda?

As discussed previously, low pH can increase the growth speed as well as makes the orbeez bigger. Baking soda have high pH value due to which it may not help to get bigger orbeez.

How to make orbeez grow faster for gun?

To make orbeez faster for orbeez-gun, use warm, distilled, and low pH water. Keep the water beads soaked in water for around an hour.


Thanks to those who kept reading till here. Finally, there we have how to make orbeez grow faster and bigger.

Let’s conclude the whole post, in a one go.

The growth of orbeez depends on a lot of factors, for example, water temperature, type of water, room temperature, pH value of water, etc.

By doing some small changes in the water and surrounding environment, we can increase or decrease the growth speed of orbeez.

Specifically, to to make your orbeez grow faster, you must use warm water, distilled water, and lower pH value. Further, to make them bigger than the normal size, add a small pinch of salt or sugar.

Let me know if you’ve even better tricks to grow orbeez faster.

See you in the next post, bye.


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