10 Best Mega Bloks Building Ideas You Must Try

mega blok building ideas

Mega Bloks are one of the best toys for children. These blocks help improve their creativity and develop their problem-solving skills. Moreover, mega bloks also help improve their fine motor skills and create hand-eye coordination.

Activities such as mega blok building ideas, helps kids strengthen your bond with them. Your children are not only developing their sensory or motor skills but also developing emotional skills.

Me and my daughter (when she was 4 years old) used to play with these building block a lot. Whenever I had free time, we would have fun playing with these blocks. She used to build things like cars, houses, giraffes, tree, and some weird objects which didn’t have names but they still looked cool anyway.

In this post, I am going to give 10 best mega blok building ideas that you can try with your children. These building ideas are quite easy as well as builds mental and emotional skills.

What Can You Do With Mega Bloks?

There are many things that you can do by with Mega Bloks. These mega bloks can be turned into puzzles, they can also be used for teaching counting and alphabet.

Other than that, these blocks can be used to construct buildings and other structures like skyscrapers, castles, spaceships, plants, and the list goes on.

You can use the blocks for color recognition, once they start differentiating between colors, you can use those blocks for color sorting. You can also use these blocks to teach missing letters, numbers, etc.

There are many things that you can do with these building block ideas.

10 Best Mega Bloks Building Ideas To Try In 2024

Time to unleash your child’s imaginative power and creativity, let them have fun with these mega blok building ideas. We have curated this list of ideas that you can try building with your kids.

Let’s look at those ideas one-by-one:

A Simple House

a house built of mega bloks

When kids get their first building blocks kit, the first thing they build is a house. Building a simple house might not look that creative and amazing but from children’s perspective, it could be their best creation.

It can be a single-story house, double-story house, or even a four-story house. Moreover, you can also think of adding things like stairs or chimneys or a flat roof, to make the house more attractive and different.

A house without an entrance and window is not a house, so we can also add an entrance and a few windows to make it more complex.

A Castle

castle built of mega bloks

Now who doesn’t want to build their castle and feel like a king or queen? Every kid does! So, in this building blocks idea list, we couldn’t have missed the castle.

Building a castle by using building blocks is a great idea to give wings to their castle imagination. This could help your children being more creative and skillful.

To build a castle, first, build a house and then build four pillars around the corner of it. You can also put four flags by using blocks and place them on top of each pillar. 

A Fort

a fort of mega blok

Just like how we built a castle, we can also build a fort out of these mega bloks.

Depending on how big you want the fort to be, you will need lots of blocks, or you can just buy Mega Bloks large building blocks to build that fort easily in no time.

This helps in improving their building skills as well as their problem-solving skills.


spaceship built with mega blok

If your kid has interest in space, UFOs, rockets, or a anything similar, then they would definitely love to build a Megs Bloks Spaceship.

Building a spaceship is not a difficult task, just allow your kid’s imagination to take flight and turn their dream of having a spaceship into reality by using these mega bloks.

You can try building different types of spaceships with your kid, building helps enhance their confidence and gives them a feeling of success.

A Gate

mega blok gate

Creating a gate might seem like a simple thing but there are many different ways to build a gate.

There are many types of gates that your kids can build from these building blocks. For example, you can try building a medieval-themed gate to your castle or a great majestic entrance to your huge mansion.

This will help in improving their stacking and building skills. As your kids construct using these blocks, they also develop problem-solving abilities.

Skyscraper Building

mega blok skyscraper

Skyscrapers look cool when you look at them, children are crazy about things that are bigger than them in size.

Your children can try to build their own skyscrapers by using their own imagination and building skills.

These colored blocks spark your little builder’s imagination and allow them to build, stack, and explore their construction skills.

Since mega bloks are light in weight and easy to grasp, this allows children to be creative while constructing their structures. 


mega block car

Building a car using mega blocks is a very simple and easy task, you just need a few blocks of mega bloks and your kid is all ready to build their own dream car.

By using building blocks, your kids can design their car, whether it could be a fancy sports car or a normal car, encouraging them to be creative and be free with their imagination, helps them build their confidence.

You can also build a race track to place those block cars, it will make it look more magnificent and cool.


an animal built with mega bloks

A great and fun way of teaching your kids about animals and keeping them engaged is by using building blocks.

You can try building different types of animals like a giraffe, a snake, a camel, a dog, a reptile komodo, and many others. You can teach your children their names and how they look different, help them visualize, and try to build them by using building bloks.

Building animals by using mega bloks is very easy, you can also find multiple videos on how to make animals by using building blocks.

Barbie Dream House

mega blok barbie house

What about if you can build Barbie Dream House, doesn’t that sound amazing?

I am sure if you have an adorable daughter who wants her own Barbie dream house, then you can try building one with her.

Not only that would be a fun activity for you and your daughter but also a memorable experience. Just use the small mega bloks to build the small items of the barbie house.

To build the house, you can build a two-story house or a three-story house with a balcony and a pool (just like the one in Barbie The Movie). Sounds pretty awesome, right? 

Plants Cactus

mega blok cactus

You can also build a plant cactus using with these mega blok ideas.

Select the green-colored blocks and stack them to form the structure of a cactus. Have your kids look at the picture of a cactus and have them try to build it by using the blocks.

This will enhance your kid’s visualization ability and also help them understand how to build cactus or any other plants. You can also try constructing other plants to put them around the block’s house.


We have finally made it to the end, let’s have a quick go-through over what we explored from this article. Children love playing with building blocks and we can use those building blocks to help our children in their cognitive and emotional development.

Mega Building bloks are easy to grasp and children can easily build anything from their imagination. Things like animals, plants, cars, castles, forts, etc, can be built by using these blocks.

We can construct many different structures and objects with these blocks but there are other things that you can do with these blocks, for example- teaching them addition, subtraction, alphabet, colors, etc.

These mega blok building ideas helps in developing their fine motor skills, problem-solving skills, and building skills. They are also able to develop emotionally as they begin to understand how to stack and balance these structures with the help of others.

Building blocks is a great start for kids to learn about things before their official schooling.


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