For Immediate Release - Senator Smith Statement Concerning David Guth, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Kansas

State Senator Greg Smith released the following statement concerning Associate Professor Guth. A copy of the press release is attached to this story for download.

September 20, 2013

Statement Concerning David Guth, Associate Professor of Journalism, University of Kansas

I have waited to issue a statement concerning comments made via Twitter by Professor David Guth regarding the recent shooting at the Washington Naval Yard. I wanted to fact check what the media had reported before responding. After researching not only Professor Guth’s past conduct at the University of Kansas, as well as the validity of the statement attributed to him on Twitter, I am appalled by his lack of compassion and common decency. As the father of a murder of victim - my daughter, Kelsey - I am aghast at his conduct. I am calling on the University of Kansas and Chancellor Grey-Little to terminate Professor Guth from the University’s faculty immediately. While the University of Kansas has distanced themselves from Professor Guth’s comments that is not enough given Professor Guth’s past conduct.

David Guth, Associate Professor of Journalism, engaged in unprofessional, threatening, and abusive behavior towards another faculty member in an October 8, 2010 incident. His conduct violated acceptable standards for professional ethics, University policies and Article V.2 and Article V.5 of the Faculty Code of Conduct. The University of Kansas censured him for these actions. Professor Guth’s continued pattern of abusive behavior, as evidenced by not only his Twitter post but his enthusiastic support of the post, which urges people to use guns to perpetrate violence on other people and their children, is not excusable. It also shows that Professor Guth is not against violence but sees it as a means to an end as long as it supports his view.

As a public educator in the Kansas high school education system, I am often consulted by my students as to which college they should attend. As long as Professor Guth remains employed by the University of Kansas I will no longer recommend the university as an institution worthy of attendance by any of my students nor, as a State Senator, will I support any budget proposals or recommendations for the University of Kansas.

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