10 Best Storage Ideas Simphome For 2024

storage ideas simphome

Simphome is well known for its creative ideas on how to enhance functionality and aesthetics of a home. From a list of their unique ideas, we are going to discuss storage ideas simphome that you can try to keep your home organized, mannered, and have a lot of spaces.

Imagine coming home exhausted and all you see is a messed up chaotic place, like it got hit by some tornado. That will totally spoils your mood more after a long day of work.

But imagine coming to a neat and well-organized home, I’m sure that will instantly put you in a good mood.

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10 Best Storage Ideas Simphome

Below are some of the best storage ideas simphome that you can implement in your life. With the help of these ideas, you can declutter every room in your home. This will make your home look tidy and well-kept. These ideas are easy to follow and quite a smart way to put the excessive stuff in one place.

Use Pegboards

a pegboard on a wall

Pegboards are used to organize almost any item, they can be used in a garage, kitchen, bedroom, anyplace you like. You just need to know is the different ways to use them. These pegboards work well for organizing stuff.

For example, If you have a small kitchen with no drawers or cabinets, then you can use these pegboards to store items. Another example could be use of walls. A Wall have lots of space on them where pegboard can be installed and used it to put away our items.

Moreover, these pegboards are cost effective, making it an affordable simphome storage idea.

Create Shelf Above The Door

a shelf above the door

Ever thought about the space that is between the door and the ceiling? Well, not many people really notice it or just overlook it.

That space just exists for no use, but what if we can make use of that empty space? You can just build a shelf above the door and use it however you like.

You can use it to display your items, such as books or other decorative stuff. Not only does that space come to use but it also enhances the beauty of our home, making our room well-organized and tidy. 

Moreover, you can make an above-door garden, just put flowers and other plants after building that shelf above the door. It’s a simple and easy way to make use of every inch of space while also keeping your things organized. This way you can take advantage of the entire space above the door.

Get A Rolling Cart

rolling cart

Rolling cart or you can also call it storage cart, is used to store stuff on shelves. These storage carts are customizable and adaptable.

These rolling carts come with wheels under them so they are easy to move around.

Moreover, they come in different sizes, depending on what items you want put in them. You can use these rolling carts to store small items like buttons, keys, pens, plants or school supplies, skincare items, craft items, etc.

These rolling carts are very useful in organizing our stuff and takes up less space.

Create Storage Under Bed

storage under bed

The extra space under the bed can be a great simphome storage idea. You can create a storage compartment under the bed.

You can build a storage drawer that you can easily push in and out. This is quite a smart way to make use of that space under the bed, enhancing the functionality of the bed.

This helps in creating more room for your stuff. Things which you don’t use daily, seasonal stuff, bed sheets, etc, can be put in these storage drawers.

Create Under Sofa Storage

sofa storage

Ever noticed the space under the sofa? Most of the time, it gets overlooked and not used much. We can make use of that empty space by using it as our storage area. You slide board games, reading material, or magazines can be easily fit underneath the sofa.

Arrange the stuff like you are arranging on some shelf. Remember to clean that area regularly to avoid accumulation of dust.

Another thing that you can use is a wooden crate with wheels. Use these storage crates with wheels to store all your items under the couch. Since these crates have wheels, you can easily slide them in and out of the couch.

You can also DIY these storage drawers and keep your stuff in one place under the sofa.

Get Floating Shelves

floating shleves

Floating shelve is a smart and sleek storage item that you can use to make your place look modern and elegant. Its fixes are hidden within the shelf itself, giving the illusion of floating.

These floating shelves are a great choice for people who want a minimalist yet elegant look in their home. These floating shelves come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.

You can also make these floating boards at home if own the tools required to make them. This DIY floating will cost you around 10$.

Moreover, you can customize the size to fit the space you want to hang these floating boards. These floating boards can easily hold books or small plants and other items, as they are securely attached to the wall.

Add Shelves To Your Bathroom

bathroom shelve

A bathroom where we wash away all of our worries and relax under the sensation of water. There’s a lot of stuff that we have in our bathroom, it ends up looking a bit messy if not organized properly.

You can install shelves in your bathroom, this helps in making the bathroom look more elegant and beautiful. On those shelves, you can place all your bathroom essentials such as bath salts, bath bombs, bars, etc.

Things like scented candles, help create a soothing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Add a few plants to make your bathroom look more fresh and lively. By doing this, you can turn your personal space into a true oasis from daily stresses. 

Get A Small Wardrobe

Small Wardrobe

Organizing can become a difficult task if one doesn’t know how to properly make use of the extra space. We all have wardrobes at home for storing our clothes and other personal items, but have you ever thought of buying a small wardrobe?

Not only does that look adorable but it’s also quite useful. These small wardrobes can double up your storage space which can be used to put your footwear, socks, small garments, and other small items of your daily use.

This helps in keeping your room clean and tidy, also saving you from the daily struggle of finding that other pair of sock. These wardrobes have small drawers where you can neatly organize your stuff and also enough space to keep your folded clothes.

This helps you create a more functional and organized wardrobe.

Create Stud Space Cabinet

Studs are 4-inch beams that are made from strong wood or metal to support your house frame, they are usually found behind the drywall.

They are usually shallow and dead space, most of the time people just ignore it. They are usually spaced between 16 to 24 inches, and that space is shallow, making it a perfect storage space simphome idea.

It’s a very smart way to use that space by turning it into a space cabinet. It can have a multiple use cases, for example- you can store all your beauty or skincare products, medicines, and cooking ingredients, or even hide snacks in that small cabinet.

These stud cabinets are quite useful and a great way to keep things organized or hidden.

Use Hanger Storage

hanger storage

Hanger storage is a great way to add additional storage to your wardrobe, you just need a bit of creativity and DIY skills to make that happen.

Here’s what you can do to make the most out of your hangers.

Take a wooden hanger and a few cup hooks, fix those cup hooks into the wooden hanger, and done! Now you can use that to hang your belts, you can also hang your small handbags and other small items that easily get lost in the bundle of other stuff.

This DIY saves time and effort in finding those small items. This enhances the usability of these items and makes it easier for you to find these things in one place.


To conclude, we can say that these storage ideas simphome are pretty useful in making your living space more functional and clutter-free.

Simphome ideas are focused on improving the look of your house while at the same time enhancing its functionality. People who have limited space can use these ideas to make their homes more spacious and open.

Try to keep the clutter as minimal as possible. You can use these ideas to keep your items in a more organized manner and enhance the functionality of your living space.

Don’t be hesitant to explore more storage ideas until you find the one that’s best fit for you.


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