Why Do I Use It?

tyson-in-gymFor years I’ve been eating right, and working out every day. So by no means am I telling you that the Beckford Bar is a magic bean that’s going to give you a six pack in 8 minutes. We all know that just doesn’t exist.

But I am telling you this is an extremely effective tool to add to your arsenal. If you’re willing to eat right, and put in the hours, then the Beckford Bar can help you get the body you’ve always wanted.

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Why do I use The Beckford Bar?

Because it gives me an advantage over those who don’t use it. I want to be one step ahead of everyone. I work out twice a day. Each of those work out consists of 100 push ups. By replacing those standard push ups with 50 Beckford Bars I felt way more of a burn. After trying it out for a few weeks I noticed such a difference that it became a part of my routine.

My line of work requires a lot of traveling, and I wanted something that could easily fit in a carry-on bag. Taking this into consideration, the Beckford Bar’s design breaks down quickly, and comes with its own travel bag. Whether you’re a professional athlete, jet-set business man, or world explorer, the Beckford Bar can easily go anywhere you do. – Tyson Beckford